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lilac_vanilla in tiantianmimi

100702 Music Bank - Super Junior - Waiting Room + No Other [TS]

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Credit: 천진난만 // Re-upload: lilac-vanilla.livejournal.com

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE* It's so happy. Yes, my first time listen. I guess I need to look at lyric translations now, lol. Everyone got a solo, which made me very happy. XD ♥

I downloaded both dongdonghee and hwezen versions, but decided to upload hwezen's version. I was watching them side by side and was getting echoes, lol. They were practically identical except that hwezen's cut better at the end. At one one I thought one was clearer colour than the other, but then watched it again and the other one was better. O.o My eyes are deceiving me!

No Other still to be uploaded because Megaupload is not being nice.
It's up!

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Post will be locked at a later date, when I remember, lol.